Hood by Air: Spring 2017 .. Brilliant!! Groundbreaking!!


No doubt those will only be some of the rallying cries to describe this collection.

Now it is my turn: SHAME ON YOU! What is brilliant is that this pile of whatever it is can be accepted as fashion to the so called cognoscenti. As the words say on this stuff… HUSTLER… yeah baby you have been hustled. This defies the imagination on so many levels that it is just inconceivable. So tell me … is this relevant? And if it is, who or what is it relevant to. I wonder how many keen eyes noticed the nipple clamps with chain used as a skirt ornament or that the models seem to have had their hair slicked down the same way that Ben Stiller in Something about Mary!! Think about it!

Now not only are we a country in political turmoil with an election to rival the likes of The Three Stooges but now we have fashion such as this;  If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable.